Facing the steps of the staircase: the choice of a suitable material!!!

Facing the steps of the staircase: the choice of a suitable material!!!

The staircase is not only a method by which people can move between floors, but also very original complement the design space. That is why its level should be not only practical, but also have a sufficiently attractive appearance, so do not do without high-quality facing steps of the staircase. 

Facing ladders and steps can be made of various materials. The most popular of them are: 

  1. Ceramic tile. 
  2. Porcelain tiles. 
  3. Natural wood and other materials. 

Note. Large assortment of building materials that can be used for this purpose, the owner of the premises allows to choose the most optimal variant. 

Facing the steps tree 

Wood is a very commonly used building material, which has many advantages. 
Among them: 
Long service life. 
Saving money on the thickness of the steps. 
Easy tiling. 

How are the works: 
Facing the stairs tree is made in several stages. Initially, you need to cover the level of concrete waterproof plywood with a thickness of 10-12 mm. 
Next fastened to plywood on concrete. To perform this task, use dowels. On top of the panel are put ready-made wooden steps that attach with screws or glue. 

There are two ways of facing the tree steps: 
The first of them concerns a method by which the stage and covered only riser. 
And second, when the entire structure is covered completely. 

Note. Even though what method you select, your home will look elegant, aristocratic and noble. 

Learn more about the materials: 
The tree has a fairly low weight, which provides additional convenience during tiling; 
This material is quite elastic, which allows it to return to its original position after any exercise. 
Wood is a flexible material that provides the convenience of the user during the repair stages of it. 
This material has very poor thermal conductivity, which makes it affected by cold concrete structure. 
One disadvantage of this material is its susceptibility to degradation various insects. 

Facing the granite steps 

Facing the steps for stairs with the help of ceramic granite is a great solution. To use this building material can be in homes and in offices and administrative buildings. 
Porcelain tiles have many advantages: 
Environmental Safety. 
High density. 

Stages of work on the wall: 
For the product works on the wall is necessary to initially high level of precision to measure the rough steps and choose the best option for size porcelain. 

Council. If during these works there is a need to cut elements of granite, then it is best to use vodorezny machine. 

This device prevents cracks and chipping during cutting. Next, you need to be cleaned of rough steps and implement them cover acrylic primer. 
After that, the cladding treads and then riser. Produce must be facing work from the top down. 
Sleek granite is used for lining the steps in the middle of the premises. 

Council. Facing external stairs steps to make the best of granite, which is loosening rim. This will ensure a high level of security while driving.